Cosmetic Wikipedia.
Cosmetic, an adjective describing beauty, aesthetics, or appearance, especially concerning the human body. Cosmetic, a topical product that is not a drug. Cosmetic restoration, restoration work on a vehicle or building that improves its appearance rather than its functionality or structure.
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Cosmetic definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
If you describe measures or changes as cosmetic, you mean they improve the appearance of a situation or thing but do not change its basic nature, and you are usually implying that they are inadequate. It is a cosmetic measure which will do nothing to help the situation long term.
Cosmetics Wikipedia.
In July 2012, since microbial contamination is one of the greatest concerns regarding the quality of cosmetic products, the ISO has introduced a new standard for evaluating the antimicrobial protection of a cosmetic product by preservation efficacy testing and microbiological risk assessment.

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